Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1120 Sandstone Drive, Libertyville IL

Fabulous walkout ranch located on the highly coveted Lake Minear.  Rare opportunity to purchase your own private beach, as well as a portion of the private island tucked behind the home.  Personal pier & motorboat rights come with the property as well.  $1,500,000  View photos here

Monday, October 27, 2014

Have you ever noticed, when you are in the market to buy a car, boat or home, or change jobs, or travel - that everyone is an expert?  Sometimes, we need to smile, and say thank you for the advice, and walk away.  Heed our own head and heart.  And if you are thinking of buying, it wouldn't hurt to ask yourself these 3 questions...

Should you refinace your mortgage?

Are you one of the over 6 million homeowners who currently has a mortgage on your home?  Are you thinking about refinancing?  If you fit the profile of one of 5 homeowners types, then you want to take action.  Click here and take a minute to read this article, to see if you fall into the "refinance now" category.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What cities should you avoid in case of a zombie apocalypse?

Some hump day humor!  In light of the return of The Walking Dead, real estate powerhouse Trulia has thoughtfully put this list of Zombie deathtrap cities together, using real life city data.  I wonder how long it will take the Zombies to venture north of Chicago?

 Click on the map to see the article.


The best 2:32 you can spend today...

Wow.  What an amazing young woman.  To not only identify a problem and create a band-aid, but to actually come up with an amazing solution.  Heart-warming for all the right reasons. #WomenInspire  
Watch the short video here

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And the top 25 cities in the world are...

My bucket list just got a lot longer! I am thrilled to see Chicago made the cut. Although a bit surprised that Venice did not. One of my all time favorite cities.  Who do you think is missing?  And which of these Top 25 do you recommend visiting?  Check out the Conde Nast article here

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Buying a home is a big deal…

…so why would you do it alone?

Typically, real estate is the largest personal investment an individual will make.  It is also a very complicated process, having become more and more complex over the past several years.  A mistake can be very costly.  Don’t start the process by yourself.  Rely on the professionals who are there to assist buyers from start to finish.

Feeling overwhelmed?  You aren’t alone.  Click here to see what research shows…

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Need a few more reasons why you should upgrade now?

Home prices are still down.  Interest rates are hovering under 5%.  You want a larger home, but have been waiting for the market to stabilize.  There are signs that the market is starting to hold it’s own.  Every now and then, a drop in inventory and a spike in buying activity brings a glimmer of hope to us all – hope that the market is rebounding.  And, the market appears to be making baby steps to leveling out.  If you have been contemplating selling your home in order to buy a larger one, now may be the time to finally take action.  While you may be able to sell your home at a higher price in the future, the delay will cost you money.  The selling price on the home you buy, as well as the interest rate on your new mortgage, will be higher as well.  Still not convinced?  Take a look at the graph here

Monday, October 13, 2014

The top 10 perks of a 55 and older gated community are…

Often times, downsizing sellers who are entering their golden years are a bit at a loss as to which direction to head, when it comes to housing.  Most are accustomed to a large home, and today’s older generation tends to have lived in the same home for a number of decades.  Most have only owned that one home, the place where they first moved when they got married, raised their children, and often times became their retirement nest egg.

Over the past 10-15 years, 55 and older communities have increased in not only number, but in popularity.  While met with resistance when they initially hit the real estate world, now, these communities offer exactly what most of the senior homeowners are looking for…a place to call home.  Curious as to the top 10 benefits these communities offer?  Click here Top 10 perks

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buying a home? Why you shouldn't let fear get in the way...

Fear.  The afraid of the unknown.  The perfect topic for the spooky month of October, with it’s month-long celebration of Halloween.  However, fear is also a dreadful emotion to feel, and face, when pursuing the goal of buying a home.  It’s okay to be afraid.  Buying a home is a big step, both financially and emotionally.  It is also one of the most rewarding steps you can take in life.  So don’t give up!

Buying a home? Don't let fear get in your way.